Diana Barnato Walker 1918 – 2008

Diana Barnato Walker died on Monday 28th April 2008 aged 90 years after a short illness. Diana was the daughter of Woolf Barnato, the diamond millionaire, one time owner of Bentley Motors and a triple LeMans winner. Diana was adored by her father who gave her flying lessons at Brooklands and a Derby Bentley saloon for her 21st birthday.

She put her flying skills to good use during the war when she joined ATA in 1941, ferrying over 250 different aircraft to bases around the UK in often hazardous conditions. In 1963 she broke the sound barrier in a Lightning and was awarded  the MBE in 1965.

She was one time Master of Hounds for the Old Surrey and Burstow Foxhounds and Commodore of ATA. She carried the colours at the Cenotaph just two years ago and was the same size all her life, still able to fit her wedding dress aged 80!

Diana could literally charm the birds off the trees, for she trained the wild birds in her garden to eat out of her hand. Most who met her were similarly persuaded by this wonderful lady. Her funeral was on 15th May 2008, at Horn Grange, her home in Surrey.